HiloFino´s World


How HiloFino was born?

It all started when we studied senior year in United States before University, with an interesting homework assignment about illustrate a book thanks to the high school art teacher. And there, creating that book, began my first sketches.

Years later, after finishing college – in the Arts University, specializing in 3D animation, born the first character of what would become today HiloFino´s family.Blog-HF-familia-2 His name was Fi, and he starred my first professional short film. Blog-HF-CortoFI375

Blog-HF-CortoFI375-trozito-1After that, this endearing character bring an entire family with him… and since then, because all of my people love it, I thought I would have to do something to make it known one day. And after years of tirelessly work with my sister, the day has come, and HiloFino is here with all!

In HiloFino´s world there are a variety of characters and animals, but also many creatures who come from other planets that accompany them. In their world all adventures and knowledge is shared to enrich the universe. There are all kinds of different characters in this peculiar family and sure you will find one close to you…  to whom you will look like? And for all animal lovers, we have many kinds!




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